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Age: 2-8 Years

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What if your friends have magical dreams every night and you don't? Why is this the case, and who can help?
Three friends go to the Night Fairy’s Castle for an answer.

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Oh, these children 😥. A book has already been read three times, a lullaby already sung two times, but the child continues to ask: one more time, please.
Such a familiar situation, isn't it? No matter how tired the children are, they do not want to fall asleep and in every possible way delay this moment.
Let's admit it: during the day, parents are usually busy and only at the 'go to bed' time their attention is fully owned by the child. So of course the child wants this time to last as long as possible! How does one handle this situation? You can say 'enough,' and leave the bedroom, leaving the child alone. But I don't think I need to explain how bad this is for a child and for your relationship with him or her.
The purpose of this story, or of this fairy tale, is to catch the interest of your baby and to motivate him or her to fall asleep on time, without responding to whims or going through tears.
But just reading a fairy tale is not enough. Read the book and play the games included with the book to strengthen your child's new skills.

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